Soil Moisture Sampling Campaign

Dear Teacher, Trainer, Parent,
The Soil Moisture Investigation team would like to introduce you to a new opportunity for you and your students to participate in an important scientific project, collect student research data, prepare for a local science fair and/or learn about soils in your area. We are seeking your participation in a twice a year soil moisture data collection campaign (Apr. 16-24 and Oct. 8-16, 2005) that shares many similarities with a MUC-athon (a group land cover data collection campaign). (Read more: In English ... En Español ...)
Primary Materials - Copy back-to-back
  • Cover Letter (html | pdf | Español)
  • Teacher's Guide - When, Where, How, Why, Who (html | pdf | Español)
  • Curriculum Connections (html | pdf | Español)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (html | pdf | Español)
      Protocol Guides
  • Field Guide - Sample Collection Protocol (html | pdf | Español)
  • Lab Guide - Gravimetric Sample Drying Protocol (html | pdf | Español)
      Data Worksheets:
  • Field Data Sheet- Single Site (2 pages) (html | pdf | Español) OR
  • Field Data Sheet - Multiple Sites (1 page) (html | pdf | Español)
      Optional "How to" instruction guides
  • Foil Pouch soil sample containers (html | pdf | Español)
  • 55 gallon drum soil drying oven (html | pdf | Español)
  • Teacher Feedback Form (html | pdf | Español)

  • Older materials
  • Dear Teacher - Overview (html | pdf)
  • GLOBE site announcement (html | pdf)
  • Pre Campaign Activities and Implementation Ideas (html | pdf)
  • Background picture and image gallery (html)
  • Soil Moisture Campaign Slide Show - Summary (please request ppt version by email) (Slide Summary (pdf))

  • This project is funded by: National Science Foundation

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